pay for blogging @ PayMeToBlogAboutYou

2007/09/05 |

This is a marketplace for advertisers who want to buy blog posts and bloggers willing to blog for cash. As such, is a common platform for advertisers and bloggers to transact. Advertisers can place orders for posts, link placements, or select high traffic blogs if they have a bigger budget.

Bloggers register free and fill in a short profile about their blog topic, audience size and location. Your blog will then be added to a list of blogs for advertisers to browse and select for purchase. It would be helpful if advertisers are able to filter their search instead of having to browse through a list of nearly 200 bloggers.

Bloggers may also be invited to bid on a job opportunity. This is done on PayMeToBlogAboutYou which has a rather clunky interface. I’m not sure how much activity there is on this site. There certainly seems to be a good number of bloggers but are there enough advertisers? There is no indication that I can find.

There is also an affiliate program but the terms are rather pathetic. You are paid 2.5% commission of the contract amount for signing up either an advertiser or blogger. For example, when the referred advertiser buys $1,000 worth of links and posts, or the referred blogger manages to sell a work contract worth $1,000, you earn $25.00.

Payment is made through PayPal.