Make money @ BlogPostsForSale

2007/09/05 |

BlogPostsForSale serves as a marketplace where advertisers and bloggers have a common platform to seek each other out. As such, you don’t get assigned offers but rather, advertisers will hire you if your blog profile fits their requirements, or you bid on jobs on offer.

How It Works
1. Bloggers register free and submit blogs for approval.
2. Blogs can be own domain or hosted on free blogging service such as Blogger.
3. Bloggers set their own price but the minimum is US$20.00
4. BlogPostsForSale takes a US$7.00 cut.
5. Advertisers browse through the list of blogs and select the blogger they want to hire.

Payment is made through PayPal and soon 2CheckOut. No mention of minimum payout amount.

The site looks rather sparse with not many bloggers signed up. The FAQs are not very thorough as well - the FAQs for advertisers are not ready which may be reason enough to suggest they do not have many advertisers.

I hope they improve their site, get more advertisers and step up their marketing to attract more bloggers and advertisers.