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2007/09/05 |

Yet another site where you get to share Google AdSense revenue by posting at their blogging portal. One of the better looking ones, it is well laid out and organized by topic.

Topics are widely varied and include creative writing which means you can even submit poetry if you want. And in an effort to drive traffic, popular keywords like insurance and real estate are among the topics you can choose to write to increase chances of higher search engine rankings for your article.

Get Paid To Post

How It Works
1. You must have your Google AdSense ID ready when signing up.
2. You are required to upload a photo and write a short biography - 500 words or less - of yourself .
3. You should post at least 3 times a week, preferably more.
4. There is no indication of the minimum number of words but I see some posts are about 100 words, while others are over 500 words.
5. Newest blogs are featured on the front page giving them better exposure to readers.
6. You can have as many accounts as you wish although I’m sure how this impacts earnings.
7. Affiliate links in articles are allowed.
8. You can do a summary on your own blog and link to your article.

This kind of blogging portal is good for people who like to write about different topics, compared to if you own a blog, you are usually tied down by your chosen blog topic and sometimes it can be tough finding things on the same topic to blog about everyday.

PrintNPost presents some rather good earning possibilities because it allows you to post your affiliate links in the articles. For example, you could do a review of Google AdSense and post your affiliate link for people to sign up, giving you another opportunity to earn extra. And what’s to stop you from putting several affiliate links in order to leverage on your article.

Traffic-wise too, there is good chance of increasing traffic for both your blog and article because PrintNPost allows you to link from your blog to your article, driving traffic both ways.