Paid blogging @ DeWitts Media

2007/09/05 |

DeWitts Media is an internet marketing and design company that offers bloggers paid contextual links on their blogs. Contextual links are a little controversial because they are non-disclosed advertising links. Some bloggers feel very strongly about being upfront about stating whether their posts are sponsored as they feel their reputation is at stake.

If you’re not bothered by the non-disclosure agreement you are required to abide by, then submit your blog for this money making program. However, your blog must have at least a pagerank 3 and not contain objectionable content. Links are paid US$10.00 each with plans to up it to US$20.00 in the future.

Their community forum is just getting set up but sign up for their mailing list to receive offers and information. Offers will be emailed to you. After applying, you may not hear from them for sometime.