Earn 100% AdSense revenue @ Wisebread

2007/09/05 |

Wisebread is a Google AdSense sharing blog portal with a difference. Bloggers get to keep 100% Adsense revenue from their personal home and inner pages while Wisebread earns its revenue from all other pages.

Unlike other AdSense revenue sharing sites where your posts are more like the inner pages, you get a personal blog as an entity with its own homepage and permalink pages. The Wisebread theme however stays, so do the generic header and sidebar.

Make Money Sharing AdSense Revenue

Being primarily a finance blog, your posts should be relevant with topics such as:

• Savvy shopping tips to keep you stylish, sassy, and solvent.
• Frugal living suggestions that keeps you living a rockstar lifestyle on a shoestring budget.
• Financial advice that is easy to understand and easy to apply.
• Career and money-making ideas that’ll add zeros to your bank account.
• General grownup know-how your parents forgot to tell you.

How To Apply
1. Email Wisebread at editor@wisebread.com
2. Tell them about yourself and what you’d like to write about.
3. Attach 3 samples of your writing of 200-500 words per article.
4. Include a link to an article or post of which you are particularly proud.
5. Give them at least 5 concrete ideas for future articles.

In addition to making money with AdSense, other forms of monetization are being planned such as text link ads and site-wide ads. For site-wide ads, revenue will be shared in proportion to the amount of traffic your posts bring in.