Make money with text link Cheez Ads

2007/09/05 |

Make Money With Text Links Cheezhead is a blog about the recruitment industry. Written by Joel Cheesman, president of HRSEO and Oaseo and a host of guest bloggers, it chronicles issues in the recruitment industry and how the internet and technology impacts human resources.

Text Link Ads At Cheezhead

Cheez Ads is their text link ads program which pays between US$5 - US$35 depending on your blog’s popularity, age and other factors. Application is rather informal - there is no form to fill out. Rather, you email your name, blog url and PayPal email for your blog to be reviewed. Once approved, you will receive some html code to add to a post in your blog.

Here’s an example of how it could look:

Text Link Ads

You can approve or reject ads given to you. If you accept, add the permanent link to your post and you will be paid within 24 hours. Each text link ad will have its own unique code which will be sent to you as they offered.

This is a very attractive program if your blog is accepted since all you have to do is copy and paste some html code into a post. Even if it’s just $5.00, it’s almost money for nothing compared with a 100 word paid review which involves a lot more brain power and time.