Earn AdSense revenue @ BlogBurner

2007/09/05 |

BlogBurner is a Google AdSense revenue sharing free blogging site that bloggers can make money online without owning their own domain and blog. This site is owned by marketing guru Mike Filsaime of Butterfly Marketing fame. You need to have a Google AdSense account before signing up.

How It Works
1. Create a blog on BlogBurner.
2. Write articles on as many topics you like.
3. Google Ads will be placed on your article 50% of the time.
4. The other 50% will be BlogBurner ads.
5. Your ads will also be placed on blogs of people you refer.

1. Articles must be orginal content.
2. Topics not allowed are drugs and pornography.
3. Articles should be about 200-500 words long.
4. Write as often as possible since readers like new content.
5. Do not overload articles with keywords.
6. There is no contract.
7. Posting nonsensical articles could get you banned.

You will be paid by Google AdSense.