Get paid to signup offers at XSVCash

2007/09/05 | pays you to complete various kinds of offers ranging from applying for cash advances to completing surveys. All offers are free without the need to give your credit card as is common with most get paid to complete offers. There are also no trial offers and cell phone submits.

From what I can see at the moment, offers range from US$1.00 - US$5.00. The majority of offers are US$1.00 and US$2.00. An example of offers:

- Apply for cash advance
- Sign up with school
- Complete Nielsen ratings survey
- Request information about franchise
- Request for free auto loan quote

Once you see an offer you’d like to complete, simply click on it and do whatever is required. You should get a confirmation email from the site whose offer you want to complete. The offer must be completed entirely before you get paid. Once done, click on “Done” and your completed offer will be verified for payment.

Only one account per person is allowed. Although international members can join, most of the offers are for US and a small handful for UK. A minimum payout of US$10.00 is made through PayPal. You can also earn through its multi-level referral program.