AdSense revenue sharing blogging sites

2007/09/05 |

As an alternative to having your own blog to make money blogging where you are likely to be more restricted in terms of topic, writing for Google AdSense sharing blogging portals such as BlogBurner and HubPages
can be a option to consider.

A main advantage is that you are not tied down to a single topic area but literally have unlimited topics to blog about which is a lot easier that having to think up something on a single topic to write about every day on your own blog.

You could write a guide on how to do keyword research one day and the next, write some poetry. You don’t get paid for the article but you get to put your AdSense code on your article and split the revenue generated.

1. No cost involved.
2. No need to blog everyday.
3. Enjoy higher search rankings because of blog network.
4. Enjoy higher traffic flowover from other posts in the network.
5. Possible higher AdSense revenue than having own blog.
6. Unrestricted topics.

1. No personal blog identity.
2. Sharing AdSense revenue.
3. Effect of poorer quality posts.
4. Have to abide by rules of the site.
5. Too many blogs to attend to.

Whether you can earn more AdSense revenue from joining many such blogging portals rather than having your own blog is something that has to be tested individually since every one has their own writing skill levels, blogging frequency and pet topics which affect the level of traffic they attract.

If you are interested to try out this method of paid blogging, here are some sites to check out.

1. WiseBread
A rather unique blogging portal since it does have a topic area, namely finance that you have to stick to. Share AdSense Revenue BloggingStill the topic is not nearly as dry as it sounds since you can blog about your personal financial experiences in a humourous way eg. How to eat like a king on $10 a day.

A big attraction is the 100% AdSense revenue that your blog earns - you are also given your own blog of sorts with the generic look and theme but essentially, you get to establish your own identity on your blog - something rather uncommon in blogging networks.

2. BlogBurner
A rather impressive name in internet marketing is behind this site. Mike Filsaime of Butterfly Marketing fame has put his name on this blogging network. AdSense split: 50/50

3. PrintNPost
A well designed site that looks professionally run, PrintNPost rotates Google ads with yours and theirs although there is no specification on what the percentage split is like. The site seems to have quite a good number of members and articles.

4. HubPages
HubPages not only has Google AdSense as a revenue earner, you can also join the affiliate programmes of Google, Amazon and eBay to earn additional revenue. Any click throughs resulting in a purchase is 100% yours. HubPages splits 40/60% on total impressions.

5. Xomba
Xomba seems to have pretty good traffic with hundreds of articles in many categories. In addition to AdSense, Xomba also holds its own contests to award cash and prizes to winning posts. AdSense split: 50/50.

Of course, these are not the only AdSense revenue sharing blog networks. There are others but the ones listed seem to be more promising with higher quality content. With the proliferation of such blogging sites, bloggers become more discerning and careful when joining since AdSense revenue does take sometime to build up to payout, so the site has to be reliable and not disappear after a couple of months.

Indeed, a few of these blogging portals have disappeared. They include, and However, if you want to try out the other ones, they are WriteNiche, Triond, ReviewParty and BlogEvolve.