Agloco update

2007/09/05 |

I just received an email update from Agloco in which they said that they have just signed on a major North America partner and is looking for other partners in Europe and Asia. Even though I signed up, I did not join in their referral program nor download their Agloco ViewBar.

The program left too many unanswered questions and members are expected to hang around and wait for the day when the company draws in a sustainable profit before getting paid. Granted many including John Chow promoted it as a legit means of get paid to surf, their earnings - which have no deadline to be paid - are from referrals and not the actual use of the ViewBar and the paid surfing program which pays in the dodgy form of Agloco shares.

Danny, a member since the beginning wrote:

Agloco is offering nothing and is only taking. Does anyone remember the slogan, “To good to be true?”, many used it, well, it is to good to be true. The only people that will make some money in the end are the top recruiters, and most importantly Agloco.

Another member wrote:

I’m a little scared by the 15c/hour guesstimate given. I know it’s not a hard figure and blah blah blah, but a quick calculation shows that 5 (the max number of hours) * 0.15 is a massive $0.75/month.

Still there are the blind faithful intent on sticking with Agloco, Mike wrote:

Agloco IS already THRIVING! It’ll only take a few of us to continue that growth and fuel our long term success। Ignore those who live in fear and follow your own decision. Lead with courage and stick with your team. That is how great things happen.

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