MySpace Cash - Chapter 7 - Unconventional Myspace Marketing Tactics

2007/07/20 |

Before we begin let me say the tactics you’re about to read are not recommended for all circumstances. In fact, using some of them may get your Myspace account deleted if you’re not careful. With that said, use your own judgment when employing the methods below and if by some chance you get caught don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The ultimate goal for any profile is to have as many friends as possible. If you’ve targeted your niche properly, with the right picture and profile, having friends of all types won’t matter. The ones interested in your niche will gravitate toward your profile on autopilot.

Some people find that adding friends quickly can be tedious. This has led many people to turn to Friend Adder programs.

While adding as many friends as possible to a non-themed profile with an Adder program will get you some business, this method won’t be as successful as it could.

The proper method is to apply everything you’ve learned so far to put together a targeted profile, to use proper marketing and create your own groups. Then you’ll really benefit if you decide to use a Friend Adder program.

Myspace only allows up to 500 outgoing friend requests per day. To be on the safe side you should keep your requests to no more than 300 a day. Going higher could get you in trouble because Myspace has been cracking down in this area lately.

You can accept as many incoming requests as you want. Once you’ve attained a certain amount of friends they’ll come pouring in and you won’t need to do a thing.