MySpace Cash - Chapter 8 - Finding Profitable Niches

2007/07/20 |

A niche market is a narrowly defined group that has the same specialized interests and needs. In order for a niche to be successful it needs to be large enough to produce the amount of revenue potential you wish. It should be comprised of people who have a strong desire for something that you can offer.

Unless you’ve already got an established product you’re selling, your best bet is to do a little niche research to determine what people are looking for and deliver it.

It’s pointless to try to ram just any product down the throat of someone who could care less, when there’s tons of easy money to be made by offering a product that’s sought after.

So before you go running off to find products to sell you should consider what people are currently looking for.

Remember, people buy what they want and not necessarily what they need or what you want them to.