MySpace Cash - Chapter 6 - Myspace Communication & Marketing Tactics

2007/07/20 |


You can use Myspace to promote an event like a seminar, concert, community event, party or special promotion for your business.

In addition to posting an event on the events page you can send an event invite via bulletin or write a blog about it.

To search the events directory just type a keyword into the search box or choose a category and postal code and click, ‘Find.’

Create an Event

To create an event click ‘Events’ from your Myspace homepage and click ‘Create Event’ from the top right portion of the page.

When you create an event you can specify whether it’s available to the general public or by invite only.

Once you’ve decided on a name for your event you’ll need to chose a category for it and add a description. Next select a start date and time. Finally click ‘Save Event’ to finalize your event creation.

If you’d like to add a picture select ‘Events I’ve Posted,’ then click on the event you’d like to add a picture to. Click ‘Upload / Change Photo’ to do so.

Blog Your Event

You don’t have to be the host of an event to blog about it. Once you find something of interest, you can post a blog about it by clicking ‘Blog this,’ or a bulleting by clicking, ‘Bulletin this.’

Blogging about a popular or featured event is a good way to be seen. To pull it off you’ll want to make a comment at the base of the event page of your choosing and invite others to check it out.

You might also want to send a bulletin out to the people in your group or friends list if you think they’ll find it useful.

Bulletin an Event

You can use the ‘Bulletin this’ feature to send a notice of an event to all of your friends at once. By default you’ll notice that all of the relevant information is automatically included in the bulletin.

You can then type in any extra information you’d like to see included and when you’re satisfied click ‘Post.’

Commenting About an Event

Commenting at the bottom of the page allows people to respond to the event. You’ll see many people commenting just to show their interest in the event even if they’re not planning on attending.

Commenting on some of the popular and featured events is a good way to get noticed. It’s also a good way to get people to check out an event of your own.

Ways to Use Events for Marketing

When most people hear about the event section they immediately think, I don’t have an event so I’ll just skip this section. Let me tell you, posting an event is not as ominous as it sounds. To get involved you just have to do a little brainstorming as to what is event worthy about your product.

Events can really be any special announcement related to your offer. Some examples are the launch of a new product, special podcast, special announcement, seminar or book signing.

If you’re an affiliate you could even go so far as to be the event moderator for an event put on by the maker of a product you promote, MLM Company etc. The trick is to get the word out and continue the funnel of targeted traffic to your profile and on to your off-Myspace offers.

A place I like to go for ideas is PRWeb, it’s a press release site. You’ll find that many press releases are quite similar to events. Browsing through the list you’ll be able to search by industry and get some good ideas for what’s event worthy.

Another great thing about using PRWeb, is that if you decide to make a press release you can immediately get indexed by Google. The words you use in your press release will be picked up by news organizations and you’ll be indexed very quickly. This is a strategy I constantly use that pays off every time.

In fact, this has paid off so well for me that after putting out a press release, I had several people come up to me and say they had read about my product in the news. I had to smile, thinking how the person who put out the release was my-self, appearing as an unbiased news source.

Using this same technique can work wonders for posting your own Myspace Events. Appearing as an unbiased source of information can truly pay off when you apply it correctly.

You’ll need a call to action in the event listing such as a link for more information to an Opt-in list or to your website. Once you’ve perfected it, you can use these little gems to send traffic to your offer repeatedly.

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