How to Promote Your Adsense CTR

2007/07/22 |

How to increase your adsense revenue? Increase traffic or increase CTR!

Traffic and CTR, these two just like ” King ” and ” Queen “, both important! But everyone know, increasing traffic is a longtime work, you should work hard on it constantly, more unique contents, more backlinks, more exposed…, So if you want to inrease your adsense revenue of your exsiting traffic, try increasing CTR!

How to increase your CTR?

First of all: The Right Adspaces!
What is the ” Right Adspaces “, a right adspace is a position where you can extract maximum profit out of it, also we can say it’s a position where our visitors normally have a look at!

And now you should get an idea: how to find out and which part of your sites your visitors click on! Of course you can play the vistor’s role and image your clicking behaviour, but this just your action, not others! So, if you want to figure out what other vistors do, you need ” heatmap ” service! Just do a search in Google and you can find out there quit a few companies provid this service, some are free! Just sign up one and put the scripts they provided to your sites, and you can get a detail of your visitor’s activites on your site pages, also you can get an advice on where to place your ads!

Here 3 tips below can help you better increase your CTR:

1. Keywords URL
Use Keyword in your URL: you can use this trick to better target your ads! Google agree you to use keywords in your URL, but you should use the target keywords! Of course you’ll keep the keywords targeted for your site!:)

You can Achieve this by appending your URLs with ?k 1 = keyword1&k2=keyword2 .

2. Colors
This Colors inclue two sections: site color and ads color!

How to choose the color for your websites? The only one thing you should know is that vistors will stick arround the sites using lighter background a longer time than those darker and shiny colors!

And the Ads link color: Blue is always the first, cos a ” blue colored” text is always a link has already in our brain for a long time! So white or lighter background + blue colored ads = profit!

But this is just a common style, you should test this to make it work for you better~!

3. Image
Images normally catch the attention, So it’s very important to insert images arround your ads smartly~

Not only images, you can use everything that will catch visitor’s eyes, a from, a quoteblock…!

After of all, these tricks are just some tricks, you can use them to increase your adsense revenue of your exsiting traffic, but the traffic is always the King, so if your want make more and more money, you should increase more and more traffic for your sites!~

Good Luck