get more comments with Wordpress plugins

2007/07/21 |

There are a few Wordpress plugins I came across while surfing The Wrong Advices. They are designed to encourage readers to leave their comments on blogs. Whether or not they work is another matter but the blogging arena has come down to this.

Link Love was created by Andy Beard as a means of control for people who are cautious about using the “dofollow” tag outright. Link Love lets you set a threshold (default is 10) and if readers reach that threshold, the “nofollow” tag will be removed.

Comment Rankings uses a star ranking system to rank those who make the most comments. The number of stars will correspond with the number of comments made.

Comment Relish is a plugin which sends a “thank you” email to someone who comments for the first time. This is quite a thoughtful gesture. The message can be customized to give it the personal touch.