Google AdSense alternatives

2007/06/29 |

adsense.jpgWhen it comes to contextual advertising to monetize your blog, Google AdSense like it or not, is still the one that rules them all. AdSense gives publishers the biggest pool of advertisers and often the highest pay-per-click.

However if you are looking for alternatives to AdSense, here are some options to consider. These options may work out to be even better than AdSense because there are other factors which may work in your favor. For example, low and mid traffic blogs would have an easier time reaching a minimum payout of USD10.00 instead of the USD100.00 payout for AdSense.

Some contextual advertising companies such as Bidvertiser allow you to screen advertisers so that no irrelevant advertiser appear on your blog just because of keyword ambiguity.

There are literally hundreds of alternatives to Google AdSense, some have come and gone but here is a list of those still existing. I have left out sites which did not have any payment details regarding minimum payment which I think is important and methods of payment which is important for international users.

I have also left out those with strange payment methods such as crediting a specially issued VISA account for payments. Also advertising companies that have high traffic requirements are not included, for example Clicksor which requires a minimum 5,000 visits per day.

It will take time to try them out to try them all out to find the one which performs best for your blog, so good luck.

Minimum USD100.00 by check but you can change the amount to more than USD5.00.

Minimum USD20.00 by PayPal or check.

Minimum payment unknown. Monthly payments by PayPal, check or wire transfer.

Minimum payment USD10.00 by PayPal.

Minimum USD50.00 by check.

Minimum USD10.00 by PayPal. I am currently using this and it seems to work for me.

Minimum USD25.00 by check.

Websites must have at least 10,000 visitors per month to be accepted. Minimum USD25.00 by check.

Minimum USD10.00 by PayPal.

Minimum USD50.00 by PayPal.

Minimum USD25.00 by PayPal.

Minimum 100Euros by Moneybookers or bank transfer for EU countries.

Minimum USD25.00 by PayPal or check.

Yahoo Publisher Network
Minimum USD50.00 by PayPal, higher amounts by check or bank transfer.

This is by no means a comprehensive list but I have tried to list only the ones which hold the most potential for low and mid range traffic blogs