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2008/03/02 |

This Is Insane! A FREE Software That Will Reveal To YOU Exactly How To Build Your VERY OWN Online Niche-Site Empire and Put It On 100% Auto-Pilot!

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  • One high quality article based around your chosen targeted keyword for the webpage. You've got total control!
  • Secret, Never-Before Seen UNIQUE content that should not be penalized as duplicate.
  • Highly-targeted rotating keyword definitions. When Google™ AdSense reads your page, the rotating definitions act as a sampling keyword backbone. And this foundation of relevant definitions and keywords helps keep your AdSense ads on topic. Talk about unique content!
  • Several rotating RSS feeds to ensure that all pages are unique and fresh
  • Customized PPC ads or any javascript of your choice.
  • Highly-profitable contextual ad links within the article-content based on the chosen keywords. (This "contextual ads" marketing strategy goes much further, and I'll go into more detail after you download).
  • Extremely optimized on-page ranking factors so the search engines will rank your pages higher right from the get-go.
  • And SO much more... You can customize almost ANY content and pick and choose what you'd like to add to your webpages with a single click!
Here is a brief list of what the software can do for you:

* Generate thousands of fresh, unique content-rich webpages from highly-targeted keyword lists of your choice
* Keep your webpages fresh with unique content by placing several rotating RSS feeds to ensure that all webpages are unique and highly related to the topic
* Exponentially increase your profits by giving away the software with YOUR affiliate links branded into it. The viral potential of this program is endless…
* Promote ANY ClickBank, Amazon, or PayDotCom product of your choice. In fact, you’re not even limited to these 3 affiliate programs. You can promote ANY affiliate product of YOUR choice!
* Earn quick money by automatically publishing AdSense ads on your site
* Create a long-lasting passive income with literally an infinite potential, including AdSense and Affiliate Marketing
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HyperVRE generates thousands of web pages based on YOUR chosen keyword list. You can manually type, copy/paste, or import your keyword list from a previously created keyword text file or Wordtracker file.

If you're like many, and simply don't have a large database of keywords...That's not a problem at all.

Simply insert your "main keyword" into HyperVRE and it will create a unique, massive list of highly-targeted keywords for you from a HUGE keyword database.

Once you've built your keyword list, it's time to transform it into automated, profit-pulling webpages.

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  2. Bonus #2 - A Chance to Grab over $48 for EVERY copy of HyperVRE You Give Away... Even if you give away a million copies! (Priceless value)

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