Write for WireTap

2007/09/18 |

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WireTap is an online news and culture magazine for socially conscious young people. In-depth articles, profiles of community organizers and features on dozens of independent media such as campus webzines and blogs are presented a high quality site. It sees over 100,000 unique visitors monthly and has 15,000 weekly newsletter subscribers.

How It Works
1. Sign up for the weekly newsletter.
2. Read the code of ethics of WireTap.
3. Send a paragraph of 3 - 5 sentences on a story idea.
4. Include your resume and 2 writing samples of your work.
5. Send your submission to Submissions AT WireTapMag.org

1. Your story should be relevant to young people. This could be health issues, the Iraq war or public education, for example.
2. You could write an article on an organization or conduct an interview with a young activist.
3. There is a preference for investigative stories on youth activism, civil and human rights, lifestyles and relationships, education and culture, media and technology.
4. The article should be about 800 - 1,800 words.
5. Articles are paid between $50 - $250 each.
6. You can reprint your articles elsewhere with the tag “This story originally appeared on WireTapMag.org.”

WireTap is a great place for budding journalists and freelance writers to try their hand at journalistic writing for exposure and to build up their writing portfolio. Their stories are often reprinted every week in TheNation.com, Chicago Sun Times, AlterNet.org, and Washington Prism.