Sell ads at BuyABlogger

2007/09/19 |

A relatively new site, serves as a common platform for bloggers and advertisers to make a transaction. Bloggers register their blog with their PageRank and Alexa rankings, and a brief writeup of what their blog is about. They can set the price range they wish to charge for a post.

Advertisers search through blogs either by PageRank or Alexa ranking. From the list of results, they can then select the blog they are interested to order a post from using a contact form. Advertiser and blogger then deal directly with each other. While advertisers are not charged for the service, there is no word about the commission they are taking from bloggers, if any.

The site is very bare minimum with not much information. Given that it is very new, I’m wondering if it is doing any kind of publicity to get advertisers although that might not be fair given that it does not seem to charge any kind of commission. BuyABlogger can do more to inspire confidence for advertisers. Bloggers who register their blogs can also write a post about it to create buzz. Let’s hope more blogs register to build the much needed bulk.