V7N Contextual Links - Get paid for links

2007/07/01 |

V7 Network is a webmaster community and directory which started a contextual links service at the beginning of this year. The service is another get paid to blog opportunity to make money online.

The difference between V7N Contextual and other paid blogging services is that V7N links are “highly relevant, well-placed, permanent, affordable, and completely undetectable as a paid link by both humans and algorithmic filtering.”

This is in response to Google becoming more stringent in detecting and devaluing paid links for those who are trying to build up traffic for their sites.

How It Works
1. Bloggers register as members of the V7N Webmasters Forum
2. Bloggers submit their blogs PR3 and above for approval. If you have more than 1 blog, you must submit them separately ie. complete the registration for 1 blog, and then register the second blog.
3. Bloggers receive assignments through the private message function
4. Assignments must be completed within 24 hours.
5. Links of completed posts are sent back through the private message function.
6. Bloggers are paid USD10.00 through PayPal.

Important Notes
1. Bloggers cannot state nor suggest in anyway that the post is a sponsored or paid post.
2. Anchor text and links must not be altered in anyway and must be placed in the first paragraph.

Except for the non-disclosure, this is identical to paid blogging. V7N does not have a dedicated section for Contextual Links which can be quite confusing. The sign-up page does not contain sufficient information while FAQs and detailed information are located in the forum itself in the form of posts. The format of using a forum’s private messaging function to transact assignments seems quite unprofessional at first and takes some getting use to.