The Truth About Internet Marketing - Part1

2007/07/24 |

You can get checks and money orders in the mail from these Internet auction sites from people that are bidding on products that aren’t even yours - and you can make a big profit this way!

What we’re talking about is finding a local store and dealing with them exclusively to help them sell their products on the auction sites. If you organize this correctly, you can set it up so that you never have to stock inventory, and you never have to worry about having any products to keep on hand.

There are a lot of different takes on this, but the way we recommend doing this is you could constantly be offering their products for sale. In fact, you could probably do it where you only worked one day a week, other than just checking your auctions and seeing how they’re going.

Be excited about the high bids, and how high the bids are going, and stay in contact with the store, and letting them know how well their product is selling. In fact, they don’t even need to know that you’re selling their products for them. You could do it either way. Stay Focused On Your Back-End Sales . . . Because THEY WILL DETERMINEYOUR SUCCESS!

By keeping focus on your back-end sales and keeping them stable, you can make sure your income doesn’t go up and down like a roller coaster! The most profitable side of your business can make you rich . . . and that is the BACK-END SIDE!

Remember, marketing is all the things you do that make people do business with you the first time and then all the things you do that keep those people coming back to do repeat business with you again and again and again. Back-end sales are the second part of that two-part formula.

How do back-end sales work? First, you sell to the people who first accept your offer. Then, you go back to those people with offers for related products and services to keep as many of them buying from you as you can.

This keeps a certain amount of money coming in. While this is going on, you still have that initial offer out there attracting more new customers. These customers are added to your list of back-end customers. Every time you get a new order from a new customer you have another name to add to your back-end list.

Potentially, the money you make from back-end sales should keep growing and growing, while the front-end offer keeps getting prospects to “bite” and become customers. coming in all the time.

It’s a never-ending cycle that. When it works correctly, it just keeps more and more money. The money made from back-end sales will soon become the money your business is most dependent on. Why? Because it is the most stable amount of money you have coming in. There should always be a certain amount coming in. That money is then used to finance the testing and implementation of other front end ideas you have that will bring you new customers . . . and new repeat customers! Front-end sales are not the most important part or your profits - back-end sales are!

From:David Andrades