Monetize your site with ADSDAQ graphical ads

2007/07/24 |

If you are look for a complimentary advertising program for your blog to make money online, ContextWeb offers ADSDAQ Exchange, a graphical ads program that lets publishers set their own CPM price and matches them with advertisers. According to ADSDAQ, their ads can be displayed beside Google AdSense but it’s best to confirm that with Google if you want to add this advertising program to your site.

The program is in pre-launch beta release at the moment where participants are invited to use the program to sell impressions. The program is expected to be available to the public in late August.

It is interesting to note that ADSDAQ goes against the popular trend of text link ads by offering only graphic ads and media rich, expandable ads. No text ads are offered at the moment, although text ads are targetted to be offered in 2008.

The range of graphical ads offered are:

728×90 Leaderboard
300×250 Medium Rectangle
120×600 Skyscraper
160×600 Wide Skyscraper

There are several other plus points about ADSDAQ besides being able to set your own CPM price। There is no minimum traffic requirement for publishers and it has a comparatively lower payout rate of US$50.00.