Make money - selling mobile content through MyNuMo

2007/07/28 | lets you earn money online by creating and selling ringtones, wallpapers and videos for mobile phones. All the tools are provided on-site and all you have to do is upload your pictures or videos and start creating. If your creation is popular, it could be a hidden goldmine. For example, the Crazy Frog ringtone was downloaded 11 million times across Europe.

How It Works

1. There are various fees and artist copyright involved, for example on a $2.50 ringtone, 12% or 29cents goes to artist copyright. After all the other fees are factored in, you earn 20% for every ringtone, wallpaper and video you sell.
2. Your images and videos have to be approved for sale.
3. Once your creation is done, it will be on your MyNuMo page. Publicize it by whatever means possible and get people to buy it.
4. You can text message a code to your friends and a catalog will be sent to them.
5. This program is for the US only at the moment because buyers will simply be billed on their phone but they are adding other countries gradually.
6. Payment is via PayPal with a minimum of US$10.00

Prices for items are as follows: Ringtones/wallapers $2.00. Videos $2.99. Subscription to a Kewl Text is $5.99/month.