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2007/06/28 |

Are you looking to grow your team? Then you are surely looking for ways to use the Internet to grow your business! Assist Business Network offer many products and services to assist you in your business.Because marketing and advertising are an ongoing mission for any business, Assist Business Network created a monthly service called Direct Sales Assist to help you.

Assist Business Network directory contains over 300 DSA programs and the representatives for those programs listed by state. also list coupons, discounts, rebates and special promotions in the directory. Our newsletter offers tips on unique ways to promote your business and network with other members. We also publish rebates and discount offers from our partners. Plus, we announce new business opportunities added to our directory.

Become the member, you will have the privilege to access their forum, sign up for free blog, get listed in directory, or promote your products by adding coupons and include information about your special offers and you business opportunity. Assist make your advertising easy and less hassle!

If you wish to get more traffic for your blog or your website for your products or services, register as a member to Assist today and enjoy the world's largest business marketing network!