Sanyo Gorilla Series GPS Navigation

2009/10/06 |

Sanyo recently updated its product portfolio with three brand new portable navigation system under their Gorilla series. The new GPS devices — NV-SD730DT, NV-SB450DT, and NV-SB530DT — each featuring a nice design, VICS traffic information (except SB530DT model), built-in 1Seg TV tuner that brings your favourite TV programme on the road, LED backlight display, and ECO mode that warns you when you’re driving too fast. Officially announced in Tokyo couple days ago, all of these PNDs also boast an 8GB of SSD (Solid State Disk) storage. Regarding screen size, SD730DT comes with 7-inch display, while both SB450DT and SB530DT have 5.2-inch display. Interested?