Windows 7 privacy statement describes new features

2008/10/28 |

Here are a few highlights:

  • It appear there will be several editions of Windows 7, with names like Windows 7 Enterprise Edition and Windows 7 Ultimate Edition popping up throughout the privacy statement.
  • Device Information Retrieval is the service that download info from Microsoft about your computer’s hardware. It looks like you can check an option to turn this off in Windows 7, which I believe is new.
  • There’s a new driver protection feature that stops the computer from starting drivers that are known to cause stability issues.
  • Windows can perform a one-time check with Windows Update to download system updates during the Windows installation process, saving you from having to install Windows and then run a system update once you’re finished. Update: Not exactly new, but still useful
There’s also information about other features like sending print jobs over the internet, parental controls, and other items you might expect to see a privacy notice for.