Commission Blueprint Affiliate Strategy

2008/09/23 |

WARNING: This controversial report may be upsetting to a few misguided readers who've been duped and preyed upon by 'fast talking' gurus as two "underground" super affiliates reveal how their..."Insider" Affiliate Strategy Manipulates Google To Generate $109,151 In 30 Days... From Just ONE Clickbank Product!!

Commission Blueprint is the only affiliate marketing course that has a very comprehensive material inside their member area, it has everything one wants to know about affiliate marketing and making those big fat commission checks.

"A No-holds Barred Step By Step Blueprint Stuffed Full Of The Most Ultra Advanced, Job Crushing Techniques That Pump So Much Money Out Of Google and Clickbank, You Simply Won't Believe It !"
They consistently out-perform anything you will have seen or tried before... and the cool thing is, you don't have to be a techie or even know much about marketing to use them.

In fact, if you can point and click a mouse, then you can have a business that's practically guaranteed to pull in massive profits because in the Commission Blueprint you'll discover...
The secret Google tactics we use to cash in up to $125,000 per month in Clickbank checks... and how you can copy them and replicate our success.

An "idiot proof" technique which spits out highly profitable campaigns that rake in unstoppable affiliate commissions like clockwork.

How to 'Xray' the thousands of ClickBank products to determine which ones will generate millions and which will leave you flat broke.

How to use psychological manipulation to create landing pages that "force" people to buy. We'll even let you copy one that makes us 4 figures a week from two keywords on the Google content network!

A "back door" strategy that cunningly spies on your competition and allows you to steal their campaigns and replicate them repeatedly until you're making as much money as you could ever need or want.

How to break away from the BS and lies to discover the real reason why you've consistently failed to enter the super affiliate league. (In fact, we already know why even though we've never met!)

A "watch & copy" 5 hour video course revealing the exact steps needed to dominate Adwords and make thousands of dollars per day, no matter how many times you've failed with the system before.

...and that's just the beginning!

Now after reading that last point, we know what you're probably thinking... "The dreaded Adwords game"... the planets most powerful traffic source that has left you frustrated and battered each time you try it.

Well you know what....we feel your pain... seriously... when we first started the same thing happened to us.

Truth is though, once you know what you're doing, it's not that tough.

You've gotta' understand, the reason why people screw up is NOT because of the Adwords system itself... it's due to the plethora of misleading and crap information online that points them in completely the wrong direction!

They buy it. They read it. They act on it... And Google massacres their campaign and burns a hole in their wallet...

...and yes, we were the victims of this too.

But then, after much testing and tweaking we discovered a secret... A strategic loophole that allowed us to manipulate Google and annihilate our competition whilst we banked HUGE Clickbank commissions day in day out.

Our bank balances? Well they changed to put it mildly... literally overnight.

The truth is, once we show you how to do this... and as long as you have the guts to take action, you'll never have to worry about money again... EVER!

Look, as you'll see on the 'inside' we're not all about Adwords... but we have to make this crucial point...

Pay-Per-Click Is The Fastest Way To Generate Extreme Profits... and Frankly It DESTROYS Any Other Type Of Marketing...

...and those who think otherwise are either naive, "in the dark" or basically need their heads examining.

The truth is, if you want to get insane traffic and sales and dare we say it "get rich quick" then this is the only way to do it. Period.

So here's the first question you're probably asking yourself...

"Why use Adwords when I can set up a Squidoo lens or other Web 2.0 pages and make a few bucks doing that?"

Frankly you've gotta' get real...

Sure, you can squeeze a profit from doing this but the money you're going to make is basically chump change.

What we mean is... why waste time waiting 10 days to make $200 bucks when if you know what we know, you could do it in 10 minutes? Doesn't make sense does it.

If your aim is to get rich online then wasting time setting up an exhausting Social networking campaign that'll take months of continuous labor is not the way to do it... Especially when the majority of visitors you'll get will have virtually no interest in what you're selling anyway!

In contrast, each of our sites generates up to 600,000 visitors per year... and every single one of them WANTS TO BUY!

Once You Understand This And Put It Into Practice, Essentially You'll Never Be Poor Again!

Let's get more specific... Here's an overview of what you're going to get in the video series, the first part of the "Commission Blueprint"...
  • Video #1 - This video introduces you to the Commission Blueprint process and gives you an "open walkthrough" of the strategies you'll use to repeatedly dominate Clickbank.
  • Video #2 - The second video explains the formula in more detail and reveals exactly where to start and the fastest and most effective way to take action by implementing the real down and dirty "nuts and bolts" of the system.
  • Video #3 - Video 3 reveals our "secret weapon" that analyzes thousands of ClickBank products within minutes and uncovers which ones will make you rich and which will leave you flat broke.
  • Video #4 - This is where things start "hotting" up. We'll show you a recipe that 'cooks up' the most profitable "buy" keywords on the planet for literally any Clickbank product you promote.
  • Video #5 - Watch on screen as we unmask a real-world example of how to pick an optimized domain name that'll achieve a high quality score and generate insane traffic.
  • Video #6 - In video 6 you'll discover the most essential steps for creating a cash pulling affiliate offer and we will even give you a proven money maker to copy and paste!
  • Video #7 - Video 7 outlines the next stage of the formula which discloses a few simple tricks that'll allow you to create killer landing pages that'll increase your Clickbank conversions by 200%.
  • Video #8 - In this video we'll show you how to set up your campaign and test it quickly, easily and cheaply to drive your profits into overdrive within days.
  • Video #9 - In this video we'll reveal how to manage your affiliate campaign effectively and precisely how to accelerate them into profits fast... and without wasting a dime.
  • Video #10 - Video 10 is where the money really gets crazy as we reveal a "near illegal" process that takes your campaign and milks it for all it's worth.
  • Video #11 - In video 11 you'll hit the "Clickbank sweet spot" by taking full advantage of an instant methodology that'll fire you into the millions. (that's if you dare!)
  • Video #12 - In this surprisingly crucial video we explain what can go wrong and how to fix it fast to maintain your traffic and profits.
  • Video #13 - Video 13 will show you how to manage the business side of affiliate marketing and how to control the cash flow for your Clickbank campaigns.
  • Video #14 - This video explains where to start and how to take action by setting up your first campaign and implementing the formula to start raking in HUGE Clickbank commission checks within days.
And here's an overview of what you're going to discover in the much anticipated PDF Manuals, the second part of the "Commission Blueprint"...
  • Manual #1 - Manual One details some of the most effective affiliate cash generating techniques we use every day.
  • Manual #2 - Manual Two exposes even more sneaky tactics we consistently implement to annihilate our competition.
  • Manual #3 - Manual Three uncovers the insider tricks we use to bank bigger Clickbank checks than most other affiliate combined!
A Word Of Warning...This is unlike any other product you've seen or bought before in this market. These are super-real strategies that make super-real money with Google And Clickbank.

But Be Advised: Even though you could start making money literally with in the next few hours, this is NOT some hocus pocus 'get quick rich' scheme...

If you think you're gonna' turn on your computer, press a button and see 100 dollar bills come flying through your screen then please do not download this. Please.

Sure, if you act upon the formula, you'll be banking 5-figure Clickbank checks faster than you ever imagined was possible... just don't expect to make a million bucks in your first few days or weeks. Expect to make a few thousand - but not millions.

Now Here's The Bad News...

This is a very limited opportunity; one that CANNOT exist for long to preserve the value for our members...

See, even though we are releasing this for $97 initially, we are only giving away an undisclosed number of copies at this price.

If you return to the page in a couple of hours... or maybe even minutes, the chances are the limit will have been reached and the price will be have been raised.

In other words, if you want in, you'll need to make your move now.