About Google Goggles

2008/09/23 |

Put on Google Goggles, the only software tool that lets you see Web sites through Google’s eyes… and minimize Adwords bid prices to such low levels, it’ll feel like the Google Cash days of 2006 are back.

Google Goggles – the tool that almost wasn’t going to be released at all, because it's "too powerful?"

Imagine a scenario where you get up one morning, log into your computer, and find an affiliate offer that you like, at any of the affiliate networks (let's use ClickBank as an example).

Let’s say you feel like promoting "Blue Widget 2000" today.

Imagine further, you could just log into Google Adwords, and bid on all the “Blue Widget” keywords there are, to your hearts delight, for prices from 5 cents to 20 cents per click.

This exactly is how Adwords once worked:

* Identify a profitable market

* Buy some keywords in Adwords and write a solid ad

* Send all traffic to a landing page supplied by an affiliate network

Making money was easy… until 2006, when the Google Slap ruined it for many of us!

Google introduced the Quality Score system in 2006... also known as the "Google Slap"

The Adwords system would, from here on out, judge the “user experience” of your site with an automatic robot that evaluates your site, before any bid prices are revealed to you.

* If the Google bot thinks your Web site delivers a “good user experience”, you pay low, low bids, around 5 cents, sometimes less
* If it thinks your site looks "salesy", "spammy", or "scammy" (whatever that means in Google's opinion), you get slapped with $5 or $10 bids... essentially, it's Google's polite way to say "we don't want your business"

But how would an advertiser ever know in advance what constitutes a “good user experience”? Most advertisers simply don't know to this day. The reality is, Adwords advertising has become so complex and painful that only a select few insiders can even manage to keep Google's QS system in check.

But thousands of followers of the “Google Cash” method lost their livelihood... (at least those who didn't want to obtain a Ph.D. in Googleism just to give Google some money)

The Google Slap happened to Larry and me.

We lost it all a couple of years ago. Up to $4,000 a day in positive, Adwords-generated cash flow. Imagine making millions when you go to bed, and making nothing when you wake up the next morning. That’s literally how it was for us.

But what if there was a set of tools to determine in advance if your campaign was going to match Google’s expectation of a “good user experience”?

What if you could avoid getting slapped ever again?

“It can’t be done,” I said to my buddy Jörg when he came up with the idea. “A tool that completely reverse-engineers the secret algorithms of the Google Bot? Impossible.”

Granted, since we got slapped hard in 2006, Larry and had I recovered. We had already reverse-engineered Google's “slap algorithm” in our heads. 36 months of trial-and-error will teach you some skills...

…the problem was, all that knowdlege was stored in our brains as “skills”, “rules of thumb” and even "hunches".

We intuitively knew what constituted a site with “good user experience” vs. a site that gets "slapped" with $5 or $10 minimum Adwords bids. Whenever he sat down, Larry would just design a site that wouldn't get slapped, without even thinking about it.

But that wasn’t enough. Our friends, clients, and customers needed something better than general rules and good advice. They needed the exact tool that Jörg suggested... software to predict the Adwords Quality Score in advance!

P.S. Still with me? If you decide to grab Google Goggles right now before your competitors do, I wanted to quickly re-emphasize that we’re backing all of our products with a 100% refund guarantee, and what that means to your decision today.