Samsung's AnyCall Haptic is Released

2008/05/09 |

Samsung Electronics recently announced that their premium Anycall Haptic phone (SCH-W420, SPH-W4200) has reached over 100,000 sales! This phone itself has been released in Korea since in the end of March 2008 and boasts an innovative, sensitive UI which stimulates the sense of sight, hearing, and touch; as well as drag-and-drop and easy-to-access functionalities. Other features include a 3.2-inch display, an integrated 2 megapixel camera module, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, built-in T-DMB (Terrestrial Digital Media Broadcast) receiver, and an internet browser.

Oh by the way, if you don’t like the pink-colored Haptic, Samsung will release the white color version of the phone next month.