WhyPark review

2008/01/20 |

Do you own domain names that are sitting around collecting dust? Have you found that parking your unused domain names bring you very little, if any revenue?

With Sedo and many other parking sites upgrading their "looks" and giving us options to "customise" the landing pages, many are beginning to realise that consumers are getting smarter and now recognise a parked site when they see one. It does really get annoying when you are seriously in need of some particular info and all you keep finding are these parked pages. Been there! So now savvy consumers are avoiding such pages like a plague.

But there is still that one problem. No matter what colours or pictures these newly designed landing pages are, they are devoid of content and do we really think consumers will be less fooled by a parked site with pages? I would like to see a time when we can actually include our own pics or write something useful on a parked page and truly customise it - making it more personal.

In order to get the most out of your domain name, you need a solution that outperforms traditional domain parking.

WhyPark Brings Life to Your Domain Names

Domain Parking Example Content is king. Millions of web users search daily for fresh, relevant content, and now your previously unused domain names can provide exactly that. WhyPark.com provides the following benefits that domain parking cannot even touch:

You choose the keywords that are relevant to your domain name & WhyPark.com does the rest!
REAL Content, articles and press releases are displayed on your completely developed web site
Fresh content is added to your web site daily. The only content that appears on your web site is directly related to the keywords that you've chosen.
Visitors will bookmark and come back over and over again to read new articles on the subjects that interest them and brought them to your site in the first place.

Search Engines Will Love Your Web Sites

Search engines follow, index and rank web sites with real, keyword rich content. While domain parking is useless and will not rank on search engines, your WhyPark.com web sites are packed with quality, themed content. Plus, we professionally optimize your web site for search engines with the following features:
  • Keyword rich titles on every page
  • Easy to follow index pages and automatically updated site maps
  • High keyword density. Since the only articles that appear on your web site are related to the exact keywords you've chosen, the result is a themed, content-rich web site with high keyword density
  • Layout and code optimized for search engines
  • New content is added daily keeping search engines coming back for more
  • Duplicate content is a thing of the past; rotating article introductions on every page are based on your keywords and every page is always unique
  • Automated Google Sitemap creation
  • Easily create new, custom pages for your website in seconds
Do You Have 5 Minutes?

WhyPark.com offers simplicity and instant setup. With WhyPark.com, even a first time web site owner can setup a search engine optimized, content-rich web site in minutes. If you can fill out a form on a web site, then you have the technical expertise needed to get started with a WhyPark.com web site.

The process for setting up a new site is simple: WhyPark.com Interface

1. Setup your domain name to be hosted with WhyPark.com by changing your domain name to use our nameservers (instructions provided)
2. Choose your keywords, enter a description and paste your Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network or any other advertising network's code into the online form (view screenshot)
3. Your site is ready! We do the rest instantly!

No Technical Knowledge Is Required
  1. No HTML, FTP, or any programming knowledge is required
  2. There is nothing to download or install
  3. No updating required! We supply the fresh content to your site
  4. You don't even need to know about web hosting. WhyPark.com hosts your web site free for life
  5. New Feature: Custom Designs - Create your own custom layout using simple placeholders, giving your website a unique look; or simply use our ready-to-go stock templates
  6. Host up to 100 domain names in a single WhyPark.com account; add more domains at any time by purchasing additional credits
Why Share the Revenue from Your Domain Names When You Can Keep 100% of Your Revenue

You own your domain names, so why would you share your revenue with another domain parking service to get a below average page of links? With WhyPark.com, you keep 100% of the revenue from the ads on your web sites. And why stop at just earning money through advertising networks? At WhyPark.com, we offer you the following revenue generating opportunities:

You keep 100% of your ad revenue
Sell and easily manage text link ads on your web sites
Schedule text ads to run on your web sites; you sell your text links and keep 100% of the revenue
WhyPark.com is compatible with Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, AdBrite, or any other ad network. Simply copy their code and paste it into WhyPark.com
Each page includes a "powered by WhyPark.com" link. When a visitor clicks on the WhyPark.com link from your web site, you earn over $45 per sale!
Put your web site up for sale with one click and receive purchase inquiries by email
Stop selling undeveloped domain names on eBay. Start selling fully developed web sites by loading your domain names into WhyPark.com and adding value to your domain name sales. You can easily transfer your domain name to another WhyPark.com account in minutes

It doesn't matter if it's 1:00pm or 1:00am, you can get started instantly! For a one-time fee of only $99.95, you can host up to 100 of your domain names at WhyPark.com. That includes:
  • Free Hosting of your WhyPark.com web sites. Use your domain names to generate traffic and revenue
  • Instant keyword rich web sites with no technical knowledge required
  • Free professional support and marketing tips. We show you how to get traffic quickly and cheaply
  • You keep all of your revenue from your web sites, plus we give you easy to manage tools for increasing your profits with text links, commissions from linking to WhyPark.com, and through marketing tips for increasing your traffic
Stop parking your domain names and start driving traffic and revenue.