Tips 4 Getting a Top Search Engine Ranking

2007/12/08 |

Making your website getting a top search engine ranking. Here are 4 simple tips you can implement:

Tip #1 Headlines Are Important
A web page can have more than one headline. The main headline is the one at the top of the page or article. It is called a H1 tag. Make sure keywords are included here. It is not out of the question for the headlines to bear more weight than paragraphs and other text.

A second or third headline, H2 and H3, may also be included. Just make sure to have the right keyword phrase included in each of these, as well.

Tip #2 Using Keywords In Body Text
The actual text on the page is also very important. Make sure the first lines of text have the most important keywords included. It is important to make sure the keywords are worked into the headline and the first few sentences on a page in a normal, natural way. Words should flow comfortably and not sound forced.

Having text on a page is more important than many realize. Search engines do not recognize keywords in javascript, graphics, flash or marquees. Pages that do best are between 100 and 400 words total. Web pages that only have images usually do not rank high on search engines, since they do not have text to index.

Tip #3 Page Title Keywords
Keywords can also help when they are added to the page Title. You will see the Title near the top of your HTML source code.

This is what appears in the browser window at the very top of the page above the menu. Most search engines display the Title as the top line in their listing. They have a propensity to list pages that have the searched keyword contained in the Title. Considering this, it is one of the most important parts of a page to include your primary keyword.

Tip #4 Image Names
Make sure Alt tags are added to image descriptions, in order to maximize your search engine optimization efforts. Doing so will also help the viewers experience in case any images don’t load.

However, never use more than 2 - 3 keywords in any one Alt tag. Also, don’t repeat the same keywords in different ALT tags. It’s best to use related keywords or even mispellings.

Every web page provides a great opportunity to use keywords to it’s advantage. Taking a look at the web pages source code and tweaking it can pay off with rankings and traffic, so it’s well worth the effort.