MoreNiche Affiliate Networks Review

2007/12/01 |

MoreNiche contains a collection of highly desirable products which you can easily sell online. For every sale that you make, we will pay you up to $175.


Promote unique products online.
Tracking via cookie and IP with 6 month retention.
Credit on EVERY sale - Phone, Mail, Fax, return and up sells
Moreniche gives you: Free promotion guides, pdf ebooks, designed website templates, promotional articles, content.
You can ask for help with promotion in their forum
Top promoters make as much as 20k-40k usd per month

You will be sending your visitors to us through specially encoded links that guarantee that no matter where the visitor goes YOU will be credited for any sales.They claim to have it all,
  1. Goodie bags when you make your 10 first sales,
  2. Marketing tools, (over 100 banners and free site templates).
  3. More support,
  4. Marketing guides from industry leaders,
  5. Detailed stats with AdWords and overture integration,
  6. 100s of articles to use for promotion,
  7. Credit on return sales (keep earning more after the initial sale).
It is totally FREE for you to join and start making money, in fact you earn up to $45 just for signing up. Does it all sound too easy and a little unbelievable? Well we want it to be easy because the more sales/money you make, the more profit we make.

This is one of the best sites I’ve seen with free resources to help marketers. Once you create your free affiliate account, you can use the resource area to learn a ton of great ways to market not only their products, but your own niches as well. They currently have about 24 free ebooks you can read to help you get started.

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