Get traffics with BloggingZoom

2007/12/06 |

I'm sure you have heard about it but it’s quite new. People claimed to get a little more traffic when submitting their own posts to BloggingZoom so I joined up and submitted one of my posts from yesterday.

There’s little to be said about actual results. However, I believe that there’s great potential, and am quite sure BloggingZoom can grow a large user base. I definitely support it, and will use it both as a submitter and a Zoomer.

Right now the site looks very much like Digg, or like other Pligg sites out there. That’s something I’d like to see change. A more unique design would do much to convince real difference, and a more professional look would add to the authority.

It’s also very important that they develop BloggingZoom related widgets as soon as possible. The Zoom Button plugin for WordPress is a good start, but others are needed to ensure viral growth. Examples could include sidebar widgets for top posts in different categories, or perhaps one that shows the top zoomed posts from the blog in question.

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