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2007/12/30 |

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— By Jeff Mulligan
CBMall interfaces with the 10,000 plus merchants associated with ClickBank. So, any sale originating from your CBMall is commission in your pocket. You simply drive traffic to your CBMall, offer in demand, revenue generating products that people are buying, and collect commissions.

This product also gives you an edge by automating customer lists for you. If a visitor hits your site and signs up for the CBMall Newsletter, the customer contact info is tied to your id and any subsequent purchases will convert into commissions for you.No technical skills are required to run your own personal mall - NO HTML - NO HOSTING. The Site is handeled on a dedicated server so traffic isn't an issue.

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It's a great feeling to be instrumental in improving people's lives. But frankly, useless products or services, that do absolutely NOTHING for your bottom line, really stink...

So, I want you to know, as a personal promise...
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My friends think I fell off my rocker, but it's true!

That's how confident I am... that's a guarantee based on experience from seeing hundreds of individuals make good extra money with this simple, yet powerful, automatic, virtually cash-on-demand tool...
Legal Disclaimer: I can't guarantee your results or how much money you will make. I don't know you and I don't know what you will do with the program. I do know you can get your money back within 60 days if you are not 100% satisfied with your results. I can prove that all the case studies and user comments on this site are true. Read on to learn more...
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Quick Background On ClickBank
(Skip This If You Are Familiar With ClickBank)

As you may know, CB stands for ClickBank... a company that allows merchants to process credit cards and run an affiliate program in the simplest possible way.

As a result...
  • Over 40,000 products use ClickBank to accept credit card payments and pay affiliate commissions.
  • Over 150,000 people have signed up to become ClickBank affiliates. (Huge potential market for YOU to sell CBmalls for a nice commission).
  • To make money with CBmall, or any product sold via ClickBank, you first need to be a ClickBank affiliate. When you sign up, you get a unique ClickBank ID. Nobody else will have the same ID.
  • It's free and easy. I'll give you the exact link you need.
  • The commissions are offered by the merchants and paid through ClickBank. Rates vary, but most are between 25% to 75%, with the average being 50%.
  • The commissions are paid to whoever sent the traffic to the merchant. This is tracked through that ClickBank ID I mentioned earlier. (This ID becomes part of your special CBmall cut and paste links - it's how your traffic is tracked and how your commissions are paid.)
  • The merchant handles the download and support, and ClickBank handles the payment part.
  • ClickBank sends out commission checks twice a month. (This is how you actually get paid commissions from all the sales your CBmall makes.)
So let's say you send someone to a merchant's website. And that person buys an eBook from them for $47. Well, you would earn whatever commission that merchant is paying.

If it was 50%, you'd clear around $23 after processing fees are deducted. And you didn't have to do anything but refer the traffic!

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"I Want In! Show Me My CBmall Account Now!"
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3. Once your order goes through you will be automatically taken to a registration page to receive your CBmall info and downloads instantly... It's that easy!

4. Your CBmall is activated immediately upon your completion of the registration.
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