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2007/12/17 |

Beating Adwords
”URGENT: Google is SLAPPING Affiliates Hard With All of Their Changes! Learn the LATEST Techniques Showing You How to Remove All Adwords Competition & Have Google Eating Out Of Your Hand Within Days!”

Beating Adwords gives you the tools necessary to actually make money online. You will quickly learn the techniques used by the top Internet marketers and how they can literally "take out" their competition within Google. This book is over 70 pages of great information that will help any level of Internet marketer become an expert with Google Adwords. If you want to make money with Adwords, Beating Adwords is a must add to your library!

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Why Do You Need Beating Adwords Anyway?

We have many questions from people that include these words. “Can you help me make money online?” The answer to that question is YES. Our techniques have helped pure beginners with no internet marketing experience go from making nothing online to making $300 + / day in a matter of months. It’s really amazing to see that with some guidance, dedicated individuals can bring themselves closer to the financial freedom that they’ve always wanted.

Google Adwords is always making changes that can negatively affect their campaigns, actually they are DESTROYING campaigns. You may fall into this category, and you may not. However, we can tell you this. We have figured out the "secret Adwords formula" that will allow you to promote any product you want, under any keywords, for lower than any other advertiser. As soon as Google makes a change, we are right on top of things, and figure out how to get around the changes in a matter of days (if not hours). We then make the appropriate changes to Beating Adwords to reflect these changes so you can have the most current solutions to Beating Google Adwords! We also will give you free updates for LIFE!

We’ve personally coached 100's of internet marketers and taught them techniques that can increase their Return on Investment up to 100% within a few days. It’s just a matter of knowing how to implement the right techniques at the right time.

Beating Adwords is the most up-to-date book on how to make money online. We have literally invested $100,000’s refining the techniques and strategies that have been included in this book and the information that you will receive is leading edge. If you are serious about making money online, this is definitely the first and last place you need to look. Beating Adwords includes online marketing tactics that have never been revealed and have been proven to generate huge profits time and time again.

Beating Adwords is for anyone. Whether you have no experience with internet marketing, or whether you have been marketing for years, this book is an asset to anyone’s repertoire. We tell you how to make money the exact same way that we have and continue to do. We do not leave any of our secrets un explained like most other so called "make money" programs that are available. We tell it like it is.
What Does Beating Adwords Have To Offer You?
  • Detailed instructions on our EXACT money making techniques that make us $1000’s/day
  • Step by Step instructions to help you get started
  • Google Adwords Optimization techniques
  • How to Get Google Eating Out of Your Hand in a Matter of Hours
  • How to Use Your Competition to Increase Your Earnings
  • Proven Internet Marketing Strategies and Tips
  • How to Create a Bonus That Will Increase Conversions 100%
  • How to find profitable products to promote
  • How to find keywords that convert into sales
  • Advanced Techniques for Choosing Clickbank Products
  • How to effectively create amazing landing pages that sell
  • Advanced landing page techniques and tips to increase conversions
  • How to dynamically update your landing pages
  • We uncover the secrets of Quality Score and how to optimize Adwords
  • Advance Techniques for Testing and Analyzing Campaigns
  • How to out perform your Competition
  • How to Pay Less than Your Competition
  • Bonus: Low Cost and Free Advertising Techniques that Make us $1000's
  • How To Promote a Top Converting Product - Keyword List Included
  • FREE Updates

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