Make Money with Paid Surveys

2007/11/30 |

These million-dollar-a-year fat cats, know squat about their customers!
So they pay 'normal' people like me to tell them the word on the street.

For people looking to earn some extra income working from home, one option that seems to be growing in popularity is paid surveys. We’ve noticed more and more paid survey websites popping up recently, each one claiming to offer the best survey program and the highest paying surveys. So for our latest report, we decided to take a look at these paid survey programs. We wanted to see if it’s really possible to earn an income by taking online surveys. Well, the results definitely surprised us. We found that while it’s highly unlikely you would be able to earn a full time income with paid surveys, our results showed that you can actually earn a good part time income with the right program. But If you’re interested in trying out paid surveys you do need to be cautious about which program you go with. Of all the paid survey programs we reviewed, only 2 lived up to their claims and met our high standards. Read on to find out why so many failed, and learn which 2 made the grade.

With 21 full weeks of reviewing and testing out 300 Online Paid Survey Sites, here's the Shocking Truth we uncovered:
Only 3.6% of the sites offer the number of paying companies they advertised! (87.6% of them actually have less than 1/6 of their advertised database of paying companies.)
Only 5.8% of them updates their database regularly to ensure valid companies and working links! (An astonishing 90.5% of them have not updated their database for over 2 years resulting in a large number of outdated directories and non-working links!)
More than 4/5 of the sites require you to pay additional fees in order to gain access to their so-called "premium high paying companies". These companies are actually listed for free on other reputable sites!
Over 90% of them never replied our emails and those that did completely denied our requests for refunds! Once they got our money, they insisted on keeping it.
Paid Surveys Etc is one of the most popular paid survey programs on the Internet and for good reason. Michelle McAllistor runs Paid Surveys Etc, she’s a mom of 2 who started out by doing paid surveys herself. She’d been earning a living doing paid surveys and focus groups for several years, when she decided to set up a program to help other people earn an extra income with paid surveys. Michelle’s website is easy to navigate, and her instructions are well laid out & very easy to follow. Paid Surveys Etc. has a huge database of paid survey opportunities for residents of the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Michelle also provides you with all the support you need to help get you started without any trouble. Our research showed that Paid Surveys Etc. had a customer satisfaction rate over 95%. They also have a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.
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