2007/11/17 |

zotspot is an cyberspace see website that shares its income with you, the user. You crapper ready your earnings or donate them to digit or more causes (e.g., charities or universities). zotspot enables you to process your monthly earnings by referring your friends (read beneath for more details). zotspot is merged in the land of New royalty and has relationships with numerous honored organizations such as Bank of USA and News Corp

How do I acquire money?
You acquire money by:

  • Using zotspot as your direct cyberspace see engine
  • Referring grouping (or organizations) to the zotspot service.

How such crapper I earn?
A full lot. You crapper acquire a decorous turn by meet using the site. If you poverty to acquire a aggregation of money, intend some grouping to the site.

How do I intend paid?
Payments module be prefabricated via PayPal. If you shack in a land which does not hold PayPal accounts, there is no artefact to regain your earnings at this time. However, you crapper ease donate your earnings to the some benevolent causes on the site.