AccessoryAds or Adsense!

2007/11/18 |

AccessoryAds enable webmasters to display targeted ads on their websites without competing with their offers, the same way Adsense can do, when you filter your ads.

AccessoryAds provide the means for advertisers to also bid on focused keywords. They help webmasters monetize their content, maximizing their page impression.

Through its new AccessoryAds program, plans to push the envelope of the targeted ads to its full extent. That's actually more than what is doing right now through its pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns.

Accessoryads program is designed to help those Internet marketers, publishers and webmasters monetize their websites through their own content, by what calls "Category-Accurate Ads". as a parent site of, utilizes the Uniterra article submit services to fund authors and to spread its (PPC) program to reach the top of the (PPC) marketing.

Uniterra places all contributed articles in general categories, to generate traffic to its webspace, and income to their own products, while helping different authors get more traffic to their websites.

To enhance this marketing and advertising industry, and to refresh that could be a completely prosperous future for the new project, Uniterra implements the AccessoryAds program.

The company kicks off this project, through which all authors could make revenues from their articles in stead of just helping the company to get the most profit from them.

It seems that this program is designed to help the contributed authors share revenues with This is why those authors need to join affiliate program in order to make their AccessoryAds revenues work.

When the author participates in this program, he/she'll not only build his/her link popularity and attract well targeted traffic to his/her blog, from general listing, but he/she can also target his/her content from other preferred categories and monetize his/her articles using the AccessoryAds program through its affiliate channels.

All that the author will need is to check a box for this special classification whenever he/she submits his/her articles. That's to say, he/she should check a box says that he/she's an AccessoryAds author, and provide a URL to his/her article on his/her own website. Uniterra will then place these articles with its improved placement.

This is the only difference between AccessoryAds and Adsense from this first look. Adsense does not have this articles vehicle to spread the monetization modules.

Technically in this area, the one AccessoryAds Unit displays three Units with five ads in each, in different colors, on each page you place the ads units on it.

Who's eligible to participate in the affiliate program?

All authors who are residents in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. So, while AccessoryAds are limited here to those areas, Adsense is International.

The Chicago IL based company,, plans to be the Google rival on the late Adsense experiences. It seems that it works hard to learn from Adsense what Adsense is missing!

Well, could we learn from such lessons, to develop our own crazy products;-)

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About the author:
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