Link Ads - Review

2007/10/19 |

TNX is a new text link advertising platform that targets both publishers and advertisers equally well. For publishers, TNX offers the opportunity to earn TNX points which can be used for various purposes simply by displaying TNX text ad links on their pages. For advertisers, TNX provides a cheap and effective way of getting high-volume, non-reciprocal links from thousands of websites that are part of TNX’s program.


TNX is pronounced ‘thanks’. is branding themselves as a hybrid between a text link broker and a contextual ad company (like Intellitxt or Kontera). Basically, they broker text link ads, but do it in a quite revolutionary fashion. The nice thing about their service is that you’re able to buy links that are embedded within the content. This can help you to generate more direct traffic from them, and makes them hard to identify as paid links.

Right now, I would say that TNX’s model is better for the user than Text-Link-Ads. runs a risky model because it’s really easy to identify sites that are using them to sell links. TNX seems to be a lot better at that since their links appear within the site’s content. TNX is also charging only 12.5% from the parties involved.

Find out how much money your website could be making you by using the TNX Profit Calculator located on main page. Unlike any other link networks, you can sell your TNX-Points to TNX system itself at any time (except for the bonus points, of course). Please see current purchase price in your control panel at TNX.NET