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2007/09/26 |

I have never been that lucky when it comes to winning prizes. I won tickets to an Owen Paul concert years ago (remember the one hit wonder?), and had a few freebie samples from the odd website.

Whilst surfing the net one day, I noticed a banner for, and decided to have a look.

*The site*

When you access the site, you are accosted by a selection of the prizes on offer. At the top of the page is a link to join. The registration is easy. Just follow the instructions on the screen. It is free to join, and free to enter any of the competitions.

*So, I’ve registered. What now?*

This is so easy. Just click on a prize that you want to win. When you are new, most of the prizes will have a short questionnaire of about 3 or 4 questions with drop down box answers. Complete these, then click on enter, and your entry is logged. Simple!

I’ve been registered for about 6 months now, and as time goes by, you get less to fill out, and more “Quick draws”, which means just an “Enter” button to press. Brilliant. My mum is also registered, and on the same competitions, she will have to fill out the questionnaire, whilst I just press the quick draw button.


The site is so easy to navigate it’s unbelieeevable (Now I sound like Victor Meldrew – someone help me!). There are tabs at the top if you want to enter prizes from a particular section. You can click on “All Prizes” and you will get a list of every prize available to be won. You can also just click on the pictures at the bottom of the screen. Every time you enter a prize, the pictures change. Eventually, you will run out of prizes to enter. I would give yourself a good couple of hours to go through them when you first join. After that, it’s a case of 5 minutes a day to make sure you enter the daily prizes, and any new ones that come on site.

*What can you win?*

Well, this is the good bit. There are 6 categories. The prizes change regularly, and the closing date is there for you to see. I suggest you look at the closing prizes when you first register to make sure you get an entry into those, and don’t miss them, then take your time and have a look around.

• Travel

In this section are all the holidays to be won. There are (at the time of writing) 16 holidays to be won, varying from a week in Hong Kong, to a weeks holiday a year for life! There is also a £2000 holiday to Florida to be won.

• Electronic

There are currently 18 prizes in this section. Would you like to win an Ipaq, a 42" plasma tv? The smallest prize in this section is a Robosapian which is a blow up Robot.

• Motoring

12 prizes to be won here. The smallest prize by a long shot is a yearly subscription to your favourite car magazine. You could win a Lotus Elise, or a Chrysler Grand Voyager.

• Money

There are 10 prizes currently. £100 Lottery Tickets, £500 towards your credit card bill, have your mortgage paid for 2 years, £5000 cash, £8000 cash to mention a few. This is my favourite section!

• Lifestyle

45 prizes to be won in this section. Top prize of £2000 to spend at CD Wow. Do you fancy a £1000 spending spree in John Lewis or Selfridges (I know I do!), hospitality tickets to the FA cup? The prizes are fairly varied here.

• Household

11 prizes here ranging from a smeg fridge(and I DO need a new one!) to a George Foreman grill.

• Any other prizes?

As if you had to ask! There is a daily draw. OK, let’s take some examples of what you could win. Some examples of the prizes for April 2005 are:

A day white water rafting
A high speed passenger ride
A Phillips blender
Phillishave rechargeable and mains shaver

You get the idea. Smaller prizes, but more of a chance to win as it is drawn on a daily basis.

*Chances of winning*

I joined my mum up on the site a couple of months back. She has just won a Dell Inspiron Notebook worth £3000, or a cash alternative of £2550. She chose the cash, and she plans to split it with me should the cheque ever arrive. The prize was from the February competitions, and the email to say she had won arrived in March. She sent all the information they requested including a picture of herself, and then waited.......and waited.......and waited. Eventually, I took the email address from the email she received, and tracked the company via the internet. I spoke to a guy called Chris last week who said that he would look into it. Still nothing as yet. I'll let you know if the cheque ever arrives.

Her name is now up in the list of winners - M Wood, Leicestershire!

My advice would be to give it a go. If you’ve time to spend browsing on here, then you’ve time to go and win some prizes! It won’t cost you a penny (unless you’re on a dial up connection, of course!)

Hope you’ve found this helpful.