Make money writing letters

2007/09/09 |

LetterRep is a letter writing site where requests for all kinds of letters are received and letter writers get paid to write them. All kinds of letters are requested ranging from the professional such as press releases and resignation letters, to the personal such as break up and thank you letters.

How It Works
1. No special qualifications are required to write letters.
2. You can either write general letters to add to the inventory for sale or select requests to write for.
3. After you have written and uploaded a letter for a request, an email will be sent to the person who requested for it.
4. You are paid $10.00 each time your uploaded letter is sold.
5. You are paid $10.00 each time a new visitor joins for one of your letters.
6. You are paid $5.00 when a visitor joins through a letter you recommended in the general inventory.
7. Letters uploaded take 6-12 hours for approval.

1. Payment is made 30 days after a sale.
2. Payment is made through PayPal or Western Union.