Get paid for traffic at Work Connexions

2007/09/13 |

Work Connexions is a rather unique get paid online opportunity because it pays you for your blog’s traffic according to the number of page views per month. Its main business includes sales and marketing, and internet business consultancy among others. By joining its Blog Advantage programme, you get paid £0.50 for every 1000 unique visits to your blog.

This is the payment structure:

Number of Views per month / Rate
500-1,000 / £1
1,001-1,500 / £2
1,501-2,000 / £3
2,001-2,500 / £4

How It Works
1. Users are selected every month for inclusion into the “Featured Blogger” section.
2. Only genuine unique views are taken into consideration.
3. Abuse such as repeated page requests and the use of bots will result in blogs being opted out of the scheme.
4. If you opt out of the scheme before your account reaches £5, you will forfeit your balance.
5. Users must agree to include advertisements into their blogs.

1. A minimum payment of £5 is made through PayPal.
2. Payment currency is GBP Sterling.