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2007/09/11 |

Freelance Writing OnlineFreelance writers have another potential source of income writing freelance at

If you have perfect English writing skills and you possess a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree, you are in demand. The best part is, you can take on as many or as few projects as your time allows you. So even if you have a full time job, you can still sign on to earn some extra cash doing freelance writing.

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How It Works
1. Sign up using their online form and once your application is approved, you receive a welcome package with instructions.
2. You log in and browse through the job marketplace for possible assignments.
3. You can choose assignments outside your areas of expertise.

You are expected to have the following qualities:
1. High level of responsibility
2. Produce quality original writing
3. Meet the client’s requirements
4. Deliver the work on time
5. Follow company guidelines

Price per page depends on the complexity and urgency of the project, as well as client’s feedback on your work. High performance writers get paid extra bonuses. There is a basic payment structure based on turnaround time:

Within 7 days $4 - $10 per page
Within 4 days $5 - $12 per page
Within 2 days $6 - $14 per page
Within 24 hours $7 - $16 per page

Payment is made bi-monthly via PayPal, wire transfer or Xoom.