Free Make Money Online eBook from JohnChow

2007/09/05 |

If haven’t already read it, grab a copy of John Chow’s Make Money Online eBook which is filled with information on how he monetizes his blog.

Sure it’s peppered with lots of affiliate links - after all, that’s where the chunk of his income is from. He’s got over 15,000 sign-ups for Agloco alone, who cares if the Viewbar never materializes. There are still plenty of income sources even though John Chow was banned by Google recently for overdoing his free backlinks project.

A lot of the information about monetizing and optimizing blogs will be familiar but there are still nuggets of information regarding affiliate marketing and all the little tips and tricks to squeeze money out of your blog. Material that a lot of self-proclaimed internet marketing experts are charging $7 for their reports.

John Chow’s Make Money Online eBook is only about 60 pages long but stuffed with resources for making money online. And no, that’s not an affiliate link. The report is free and there’s no money to be made from giving it away - except for John Chow if you sign up with his affiliates.

I’m toying with the idea of setting up a free downloads section where I’ll put up free ebooks and reports for readers. But I don’t want to just put up any old free ebook I come across or just plonk some PLR articles - unless they are of good value. I’ll probably put together some of my own reports as well, so look out for it.