Earn commission through MyPickList

2007/09/05 |

MyPickList.com is from the same company which gave you FavoriteThingz.com a similar site that lets members earn commission by placing a widget on their sites. MyPickList is targeted more at websites while FavoriteThingz is more for social websites such as MySpace.

There are a host of merchants including Best Buy, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble to add to your list. Once you’ve created your pick of merchants for your list using a toolbar button that automatically obtains information from a product page, you give them a review and rate them. You can then broadcast your list on your blog or website.

The aim is that people who visit your site will take an interest in your product review and hopefully buy something from your recommendations. If they buy something, your commission ranges between 0.5 (BestBuy, Apple) to 10% (ShoeBuy) depending on the merchant.

MyPickList also has a social networking feature which lets users comment on a product and highlights common products that appear on other lists, thereby promoting a network that allows you to make friends and spread your list.

The success of this program lies very much in your visitors trusting your recommendation so it would most likely be your friends and family who would buy something from your list, hence the social network feature.

I like to check out the user forum for such sites when assessing them, but unfortunately, there is no forum and so word as to how members are doing as far as earnings are concerned. Considering that this site is not as well known as some other retail sites such as Amazon and its commissions are not particularly higher, an active forum could do so much to encourage member sign-up.