Volume Blogging is an Easy Way to Increase Traffic to Your Weblog

2007/07/05 |

There is a simple way to increase the amount of daily traffic your blog receives. It doesn’t involve elaborate linkbait articles, contests or advertising.

You don’t need a link from a popular blog nor do you need to pimp your site by commenting aggressively on dozen of other blogs.

In fact, this method doesn’t involve any extraordinary efforts on your part. You don’t need to learn the intricacies of search engine optimization, nor do you need to even focus on networking within your niche.

Blasphemy, you might say. How can this be possible? Hear me out as I explain in brief detail what you can do to effectively increase your blog traffic.

Volume Blogging can Increase Your Visitor Traffic

The trick is rather simple, you’ll only need to create new content as often as possible for your blog. This means increasing the volume of your blog posts substantially, in an attempt to attract more search engine and referral traffic.

‘Volume Blogging‘ follows a basic logical process, one that is perhaps so matter-of-fact that I have not come across any articles on this specific topic. The traffic equation here takes the following form:

–> The more content you write..

–> The more blog posts get indexed by search engines or social websites

–> The more long tail keywords you eventually rank for which leads to..

–> Increased search engine visibility and referral traffic and..

–> A greater number of visitors arriving at your website daily.

I’ve personally tried this process with some new blogs and have noticed upwards of 30% growth in terms of overall monthly traffic over a period of several months.

It’s not hard to imagine why: Content is the source of all traffic and the more content you have, the more opportunities you have for search engine or referral traffic.

Is Volume Blogging for You?

This traffic strategy can be very beneficial for new blogs because they really need visitors to develop an audience.

Blogging as often as possible allows you to fill your archives with content, while attracting traffic naturally from search engines. I’ve also noticed that if you have an established weblog with an decent number of backlinks, volume blogging is an excellent method for you to grow your audience base.

Established websites have the uncanny ability to rank well for whatever keywords that are in their title tags and this is something you need to exploit if you’re weak or lazy in the marketing/linkbaiting department.

The sheer volume of blog posts forces search traffic to your website, which you can then convert into regular followers by highlighting your flagship content or providing incentives which entice them into taking specific actions.

Testing the Volume Blogging Strategy: Something You can Undertake

In a bid to increase Dosh Dosh’s traffic levels, I’ve decided to experiment with volume blogging in this month of July 2007. As such, I’ve made a choice to add at least one more blog post everyday and measure the effects on overall visitor traffic.

If you’ve just started a new blog or have been blogging for a while, why not try the volume blogging tactic for a month to see if it helps to bring in more traffic? You can always write shorter articles for your additional blog posts so as to save energy.

A lot does depend on the specific keywords you are targeting as well, so make sure that you pick a bunch and include them regularly in various blog posts. If you haven’t already, be sure to read my article on how to find your longtail keywords.

If you have some time to spare and desparately want to increase your daily traffic ratio, try working the volume blogging angle. It might be just what you need.