ReviewMe - Nwe Advertorials Launched

2007/07/14 |

ReviewMe the leading paid review site which is owned by Text Link Ads has launched a new service to add yet another way for your blog to make money online. It’s easy money since the advertorial is written by the advertiser and all you have to do is post it in your blog and get paid for it.

How It Works

1. Advertisers select the blogs they want the advertorial to appear.
2. Advertisers write up to 250 words including links and include 1 image.
3. If selected, Publishers can accept or reject the advertorial.
4. All advertorials are automatically marked as “Sponsor Post”

Some Concerns About Advertorials

The whole program sounds very attractive in terms of having another means of monetizing your blog since there is almost no work to be done on the part of the blogger. It’s just a copy and paste job. Who doesn’t want money for nothing? There are concerns.

Since Google frowns on duplicate content, how damaging would the effect of having the same post on say, 100 sites be? Also, some bloggers feel very strongly about having no control over the content. They feel that a review post should contain the “voice” of the blogger.

It seems like it’s the centuries old (by internet years) argument of blogger integrity again. The solution is still as simple as before. If you don’t want to make money with your blog, then don’t accept the advertorials. As long as they are marked “Sponsor Post”, which they are, I don’t see what the problem is. Your blog is not going to lose credibility because of this as long as your core content is still intact.