MySpace Cash - Chapter 2-3 - Getting Started on Myspace and Develop Your Winning Strategy

2007/07/20 |

Chapter2 tells you how to regester and invite your friends by email , many people know how to do it! So let’s read Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Develop Your Winning Strategy

There are more than 1 billion page views daily on the Myspace servers. In order for you to stand out you need to focus on your primary objectives and develop a winning strategy.

To develop your own winning strategy it’s necessary to put together a business plan. This plan can basically be an overview of what you wish to achieve.

Below you will see various ways to determine your goals and transform them into profits. Write down your responses so you can refer to them and build upon your overall strategy. Writing as you go will help get your creative juices flowing and keep you headed in the right direction. Think about it, write it down and put it to work.

First and foremost you must determine your primary objective and what you want to achieve. Is it your desire to simply sell your products or services, share specific information, generate page views for your site, create a large opt-in email list, or introduce something new to market? Regardless of what it is, it’s necessary to write down your objective before you start.

Believe it or not the vast majority of people marketing on the Internet have no clearly defined goals. To be far superior it is important that you do. This means asking yourself some vital questions and writing down your response. This is absolutely necessary if you wish to jump ahead of 95% of people selling online.