make money with your FavoriteThingz

2007/07/30 | is another social commerce site that lets you earn commission if a visitor makes a purchase through a click from a flash-based widget on your site. The widget can be configured to feature your favorite celebrities, brands and products.

Blogs and websites such as Google, Mashable and other big brand names are included in the database although the service seems to be geared towards the teen market. The widget can be placed on a number of social sites such as MySpace.

How It Works
1. Select the categories you want.
2. Select the brands or celebrities you want.
3. Configure the color and appearance of the widget.
4. Paste the code on your blog or site.

Concerns About FavoriteThingz
Their FAQ is hidden inside the Privacy Policy page. Some of the terms are not fully explained such as this one:

A commission is earned when someone makes a qualifying online purchase from one of our preferred partners through a registered members FavoriteThingz badge/widget.
PLEASE NOTE: Only merchants listed as preferred partners offer cash back.

Who are the “preferred partners”? And what exactly is the math in the commissions?

Purchases are tracked using cookies which means some commissions may not be recorded due to various computer usage behaviour. For example, if a buyer ends a browser session and returns straight to the merchant, you will not earn a commission.

If you do manage to earn a commission, be prepared to wait 90-120 days to be able to cash out your commission. This is the money-back waiting period. If you manage to last through that, then you can request for payment via PayPal.