Effective ways to make your blog update everyday

2007/07/26 |

Blogging being what it is - supplying new information constantly - can be challenging sometimes to most of us, in terms of having to find interesting material and make a fresh post everyday.

Even the most prolific blogger will have days when ideas are just not forthcoming or the enthusiasm is just not there.

Inspired by other bloggers who also face the same problem, I combined some of their solutions with my own and came up with 10 useful ways on how bloggers can keep themselves motivated to keep blogging hopefully, everyday.

Here are 10 effective ways to keep yourself blogging daily

1. Select a topic which has “legs”. By this, it means to choose topic that is fairly broad so that it can be broken down into a series of sub-topics. These sub-topics can then serve as a series of daily posts.

2. Set a regular schedule to blog. Discipline (read: laziness) can be a problem sometimes, so if you write down a short list of “Things To Do” and stick that on your computer screen, that serves as a reminder to do some work. Set a fixed schedule, say spend 1 hour from when you sit down at your computer to do a post and stick to the schedule.

3. Blog about not knowing what to blog. Writing about not feeling motivated or not knowing what to blog about sometimes sets in motion the resolution to blog.

Make Money Online with someuseless.info4. Blog about something entirely unrelated to your blog topic. Not every single post on an internet business blog has to be about business and making money online. John Chow regularly blogs about food on his business blog.

5. Encourage feedback from readers. Comments from readers can spark off something and provide a good source of material to write about. It is also encouraging to have readers appreciate your work and find out what readers want.

6. Write down ideas for topics when you are not online. Keep pen and paper handy at all times so that you can jot down ideas that pop into your head during the course of the day. Sometimes ideas for posts occur when you are not sitting in front of the computer.

7. Write several posts whenever possible. When inspiration strikes or when you come across something that allows you to make multiple posts, do a few posts to stockpile for later posting at daily intervals. Or save them for days when you run out of ideas of what to write.

Make Money Online with someuseless.info8. Blog about someone else’s post. When you come across a post on someone’s blog that you find particularly inspiring or useful, blog about it. Your readers will appreciate the lead.

9. Use technology to get ideas. Browse through Google groups and check out ongoing discussions on the latest relevant issues. Use other leading bookmarking sites such as Technorati, StumbleUpon and Del.icio.us to see what are the popular topics.

10. Go offline to get ideas. Visit the bookstore or library, browse through magazines and newspapers. Given the huge amounts of information all around us, it’s just a matter of time before getting hit by an article to spark off some ideas.

Most of all, appreciate your blog’s growth. Take a moment to recap the original goals you wanted to achieve with your blog. Appreciate how much your blog has grown and how much closer you are towards achieving your goals.

Do you have your own methods of overcoming writer’s or rather, blogger’s block? Why not share it with us? We’re all here to learn from each other to build better and more profitable blogs.